To become great at RECRUITING and DUPLICATING 
this book is where it ALL begins!

DISCOVER the top 5 reasons you aren't having more success and The Conqueror's Formula to RANK ADVANCE

Stuck or just looking for a BREAKTHROUGH?  This book is a must read for you and your teams.

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6 Reasons To Read This Book

Increase Profits

Conquering the fear of failure to make more money.

The Conqueror's Formula

The Conqueror's formula. This formula is all about action. You have never seen this formula for success. It is a must learn!

The Survivor MYTH

Most people don't realize that being a survivor in network marketing isn't enough. Learn why. 

Overcome the 5 FEARS that network marketer's have

The fears in network marketing. I found there are five fears that all the fears can be categorized into. I will teach you how to conquer each.

MOST network marketer's aren't MAXIMIZING their time

Creating strong habits that produce results.  I will give you a system to help set you up for success.  I will help get you into action!

The Mother of ALL fears

Learn what the MOTHER of all fears is and how it affects everything.  You need to understand this for yourself and for your teams to go to the next level.


About Author

Rob Sperry has been recognized by top publication, Business For Home, as the #1 trainer for 2017 in the network marketing industry. 

In his first year in the industry, he reached the highest level in a multi-billion dollar company. Conquering new heights Sperry became the co-creator of Mynt. Mynt was a spin-off from a $3 billion dollar company (total sales) and launched with a million dollars in sales, in just the first month. 

He has been featured in national and international books, podcasts, blogs, articles, and magazines specific to finding success in network marketing. 

 Rob has since created one of the largest online communities supporting the network marketing industry. He now spends his time traveling the world speaking, training, writing books, and hosting some of the most prestigious mastermind retreats in the industry.  

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